Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, 2015 Online Membership Show. First Place.

Illinois Watercolor Society, 2015, Claire Wiest Memorial Award.

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, 2014 Online Membership Show. Third Place.

Illinois Watercolor Society, 2014, M. Graham & Co. Award.

Society of Watercolor Artists, 2013, Juror’s Choice Award.

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, 2012 Online Membership Show.

Texas Watercolor Society, 2012, Best of Show.

National Watercolor Society, 2011, N.W.S. Past Presidents Award.

National Watercolor Society, 2012, Travel Exhibit.

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, 2011, Third Place.

Keystone National, 2010, Jack Richeson & Co. Award.

SIGNATURE STATUS FROM National Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Illinois Watercolor Society, and Baltimore Watercolor Society

‘THREE SPORTS’, 22” x 29”

It was awarded first place in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Online 2015 Membership Show. The juror’s comment: “Good composition and beautifully painted.”

Society of Watercolor Artists Award
Illinois Watercolor Society Award
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society First Place Online Membership Award
Watercolor West – Acceptance
Keystone National – Acceptance



‘AUTUMN PRIVET’, 24” x 21.5”

“Autumn Privet” has won multiple awards and was part of the National Watercolor 2012 Traveling Exhibit.  One juror commented: “This glowing watercolor gives the viewer the feeling of the warm sun breathing life into nature.” 

National Watercolor Society Award
National Watercolor Society Travel Exhibit
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Third Place Online Membership Award
Georgia Watercolor Society – Acceptance


‘HOMEWARD BOUND’, 21” x 27”

“Homeward Bound” won the Illinois Watercolor Society’s Claire Wiest Memorial Award in their national exhibit.

Illinois Watercolor Society – Award
Adirondacks National Exhibition – Acceptance






“Under the Ponte Vecchio” has been in many exhibitions, winning The Best of Show from the Texas Watercolor Society and being published in The Watercolor Artist’s Magazine.

American Watercolor Society – Acceptance
Texas Watercolor Society First Place Award
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Third Place Award
Keystone National 2010 – Award
Published in Watercolor Artist’s Magazine