In grade school, I won a scholarship to study at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I still have many happy memories of train rides into the big city with my mom. I remember being engulfed in the work of artists down through the ages as I walked down the many galleries, and being fascinated by the various styles of the artwork. Every subsequent award further encouraged me in the study of art.

I received my B.S.Ed. in Art Education from Northern Illinois University in 1975, and pursued a career in teaching art in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Impressed by the artwork of my students, I had 14 articles published in two national magazines of art: SchoolArts and arts & activities. I have taught students from my home studio, and at the local The Art Center School and Galleries in Mechanicsburg.  I also lectured and conducted tours with the Art Van Go mobile museum program sponsored by the Susquehanna Art Museum. Since leaving teaching in 2002 I have begun to build my own body of watercolors.

During my studies at Northern Illinois University I had my first opportunity to study watercolor under the signature artist Win Jones.  It was under his tutelage that I learned to love the transparency of traditional watercolors, and the use of subtle colors to create a mood.  It is a difficult and challenging medium that frequently requires patience to build up layers of various colors in order to create a warm, rich painting.  Watercolors can also be unforgiving since one cannot easily go back to make changes or create whites.  The medium itself thus requires a lot of detailed planning in terms of color combinations, but there are nevertheless unexpected and delightful patterns and hues that develop in a picture as the paint flows and takes on a life of its own.  When all does go well there is great satisfaction and surprise in capturing glimpses and insights into the world around us.  As I continue to paint the growth and learning never stops.  I try to paint that which gives me joy, and makes me alive and at peace.

I thank you for stopping to view my artwork.

 NWS, IWS, PWS, BWS Signatured Artist

My Exibitions

There are unexpected and delightful patterns and hues that develop in a picture as the paint flows and takes on a life of its own...

Jeanne R Johnson

As I continue to paint the growth learning never stops. I try to paint that which gives me joy, and makes me alive and at peace...

Jeanne R Johnson